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Affiliate Marketing

A Simple Guide to Affiliate Marketing

Priyanka Dayama August 29, 2020


Who wouldn’t like the idea of adding supplement income to their earnings apart from the usual income from their jobs?

That would be the dream of every man working in routine jobs.

We call it Passive income.

The best way to earn this passive income is Affiliate Marketing. In this blog, let us discuss in detail about what Affiliate Marketing is and the best strategies to use.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

In simple terms, Affiliate marketing is the commission earned by selling the products of another person or another company. It is the process of marketing or promoting the other company products and making the commission on each product sale.

It is passive income an affiliate marketer earn by marketing and selling the other’s products. It can also be defined as an affiliate marketer is a salesperson for the company products, and on selling the products, he is rewarded by the company.

There are mainly two people involved in affiliate marketing The Merchant and The Affiliate.

Affiliate marketing

Merchant: The merchant can be the company, brand or the creator of the product. He creates the products and can also sell or distribute the products among the vendors or the affiliates. 

Affiliate: An affiliate is a person who promotes and carry the marketing for the products. They earn a commission on each product sale.

An affiliate can be a person or the entire third party company who attracts the potential customers to buy the products. They are also known as publishers.

How does Affiliate Marketing work?

Since we have already understood the definition of affiliate marketing, now let us know in detail about the various steps involved to get started with it.

  1. Choose your niche and products
  2. Find best affiliate programs to join
  3. Drive the traffic to your site
  4. Get links to the affiliate sites
  5. Convert the clicks to sales
  1. Choose your niche and products: The initial step in starting with the affiliate marketing is to choose your niche and the products you are willing to sell and promote on your site. Perform detailed analysis and research of trending market products which attracts the potential customers and based on user’s the familiar products which can help in connecting with the users.
  2. Find the best affiliate programs to join: Based on the products and niche you have selected find the appropriate programs to see where the requirements are fitting in. You can search online to find the various affiliate programs and link your site following the process described for the program.
  3. Drive the traffic to your site: you have created the affiliate site for the products now the next most important thing is to create rich content and promote the products on different channels and create the links which direct the users to the products and boost conversions. Follow the best-practised techniques and methods to increase your traffic and paid advertisement ads campaigns to target and promote the products.
  4. Get links to the affiliate sites: The vital step in the process is getting links to the site. In order to achieve this, we need to consider a few points as link placement,call-to-action and proper context. The right placement of links to attract potential users to the products is very important.
  5. Convert the clicks to sales: The final call-to-action is when the customer ends up purchasing the product or even if the customer clicks on the product link. The main aim of the affiliate marketer is to convert the links to sales.

Why Be An Affiliate Marketer? 

There are various benefits which come with becoming an affiliate marketer. Few of them are listed below.

Passive income: affiliate marketing offers you the ability to make money while carrying out the usual jobs. It adds to the income of an individual without much efforts to put in. It is the main reason why many opt for becoming an affiliate marketer.

Cost-Effective: Affiliate marketing is very cost-effective and requires no huge investment. Since there is no product creation or maintenance, the process has a little cost. 

Freelancing and Flexible: If an individual likes to be independent and believe in setting the personal goals then affiliate marketing is the most appropriate field of work for can choose for work from anywhere and anytime.

Work from Home: If you are not an office geek and likes to work from home then affiliate marketing gives you the opportunity to work from home .you just have to sit the comfort of your home.Market and promote the product and generate revenue with ease.

Use of Best Affiliate Marketing Strategies 

Always recommend the familiar and trendy products: Trust is an essential aspect to consider while selling or recommending the products to the users. Always recommend only familiar products to the users. The products which you have already used or reviewed will build confidence in you to recommend and know the after-effects of the product as you have already familiar with products. Make quality recommendations to the users, which serves the purpose of buying the product.

Know your audience and their preferences: you have a fantastic list of products and many visitors on your affiliate site, but if you haven’t run an analysis of your audience’s taste and preference then all this will go in vain. Try to know your target audience and their preferences to recommend or sell the products of their choice

Promote multiple products from different merchants: Don’t go with the products from a single merchant, then you will be limited to the small reach and income.promote multiple products under your niche from different merchants. This will expand your reach and also the high opportunity for huge commission and conversion rates.

Focus on the segmented audience approach: Everyone has different taste and preferences so, the requirements will also change accordingly. Segment your audience based on their preferences and recommend the products. This segmented approach will distribute and promote products according to the customer’s requirements.

Use several channels and sources to promote the products: Instead of just focusing on single ads campaigns .make use of several different sources to promote the product like reaching out to the users via social media, blog posts and others sources for marketing. It will extend the reach of the products to larger groups. 


Affiliate Marketing is an ideal opportunity for those who are looking for independent and freelancing career option and also for the individuals who can deploy time from their routine jobs to earn the passive income. It is a great source of income based on the performance and links acquired. All you need to know is the skills for marketing and promoting the products.

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