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How to Grow your brand with Marketing Automation?

Priyanka Dayama September 3, 2020


Marketing is the blood of any brand. It establishes the company-customer relationship and makes sure that the product reaches the maximum users. Marketing has different aspects of dealing with. It involves various activities to be carried at different levels. Hence, it becomes a little challenging to manage these activities manually.

What is Marketing automation?

Marketing automation is the process of using different software to automate marketing activities to increase efficiency and quality. Many marketing activities such as email marketing, ad campaigns and social media marketing involves repetitive tasks which can be easily automated with the help of software. 

Marketing automation provides the brands with many accessible software and tools which can make their work more comfortable and efficient. They also help in giving timely responses and also provide more personalized interaction between the users.

Marketing automation, when used ideally along with best strategies, can help a brand in acquiring tremendous results. It enables the organisation to streamline and prioritize marketing tasks. The main aim of automation is to generate maximum potential leads and increase conversion rates.

According to market research, more than 50% of companies are already using marketing automation tools and has seen the potential increase in their leads and conversion rates.

Let us see some of the best marketing automation strategies :

Personalised content: Personalization is the key to the marketing of brands. Every customer expects a personalised experience from the brands which can listen and solve their pain points.

Marketing automation can help in building more personalized content as per the preferences of the customer. It can leverage customised content and personalised campaigns which can generate more leads and increase customer retention.

Marketing automation helps in integrating the customer data, which can be used seamlessly by brands to interact and design personalised campaigns for the specific segment of customers. There are various automated tools available for building personalised content and uplift the customer retention rates for the brands. 

Automated social -media marketing: 90% of millennials are the active users of social media. They spend more than 3 hours every day on these social media channels. This makes brands to consider social media marketing as an essential aspect of growth and brand awareness.

There are different social media channels through which the brands create awareness about the product or interact with the customers. Timely updating these social media channels and distributing the right and relevant content becomes the most crucial part of marketing.

The company has to deploy a lot of efforts and time in creating, managing and maintaining these channels, which can be difficult to handle manually.

Automated social media will help in management, engagement and marketing processes with less time for the growth of the company. The scheduled content and updates on these social media channels automatically can reduce a lot of burden on the marketing teams.

Automated social media marketing has various advantages like : 

  • It will reduce the time spend on distributing and posting content on social media by scheduling automated updates and posting.
  • It can manage and provide timely responses to the users simultaneously.
  • It gives a real-time analysis of customer data.
  • It reduces the number of man-hours spent on these.


Leverage marketing automation in segmentation: one of the best and initial thing in marketing is to know your audience and their interests.

The brand should always know its customers and their preferences to provide with the best options and products. Since there are differences and similarities in every segment of the audience, the brand is connecting with.

Suppose a brand creates the same product or service for all kinds of the audience then there is a possibility that the reach of the product will be very minimal since not all people have the same taste or requirement.

A deep understanding of your audience and then segmenting them based on their common metrics can help in providing the right product to the right segment of the audience.

Leveraging marketing in a more segmented approach can increase the reach and retention of users. Marketing automation can help in collecting the data of the customers and segment them into the list of common similarities like demographics, preferences and behaviour. 

With the help of this segmented list, you can more actively and specifically design the campaigns for the customers. Segmentation helps in reaching the audience in a more targeted way which can generate potential leads.


Use Customer lifetime value (CLV) as a metric: Using customer lifetime value (CLV ) as a measurable metric can help a company in knowing and setting future goals for the growth.

Predicting the CLV is a powerful criterion to retain valuable customers and design patterns for further growth of the company based on the revenue through the potential and lifetime customers.

 Latest marketing automation tools help in understanding more in detail about the customers and their followed patterns. This analytics can help in the segregation of all levels of users and their quality bond with the brand.

Since CLV is a customer-centric approach which is helpful in retention the existing customers and adding new users based on the data and study.


Mobile marketing approach: With the latest update of Google’s mobile-first index, has emphasised brands to optimize their websites and mobile marketing strategies.

The recent study has shown a tremendous increase in the use of mobile, and also the mobile surfing rate nearly tripled from the last few decades which makes it one of the vital marketing aspect to be used.

The companies are designing more mobile-friendly campaigns and ads for expanding their customer base. The main aim of the brands is to leverage the marketing automation strategies and tools like web or mobile push notifications to increase user engagement and focus on mobile-specific content.


Conclusion: In a nutshell, Marketing automation helps in streamlining and prioritizing the marketing activities at different levels with the help of tools and software. 

It helps the business by saving time and resources, increasing lead generation, strong customer-marketing lifecycle, customer retention and reducing the staffing cost.

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